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The Pros and Cons Of Selling Your House To An Investor

Options To Sell Your House in Orlando

PLUS:  What big pitfalls to watch out for when you’re selling your house with a real estate agent, by yourself, and even to an investor (missing one of these critical “pitfalls” could mean more stress and expense for you when your house finally sells).


There are 3 main ways to sell your house in Orlando.
All with their own pros and cons.

List it with an agent

Sell it Yourself
Sell it yourself (FSBO)

Sell it to a real estate investor

All three options are great in certain situations… and terrible in others.

Learn when to list with an agent, when to sell yourself, and when selling to a real estate investor makes the most sense. And, learn the costs associated with each option… because you’ll be surprised at what “hidden costs” there are in listing with an agent or selling it yourself that most people never even think about until it’s too late.

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If you need to sell your house quickly… this guide walks you through why real estate agents may end up costing you tens of thousands and still end up not getting your house sold.

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Why Choose DC Capital Group USA?

Hi, my name is Timothy Doyle and I am a local home buyer in Orlando Fl.  I’ve been in business since 2003, buying houses all over Orlando “The City Beautiful”.  If you need to sell an Orlando house… why not let me give you a fair all-cash offer?   I’m a professional real estate investor that has been in business for over 15 years, and that’s because I do right by homeowners in Orlando.  I don’t charge any junk fees, closing costs, nor any commissions, even though I handle the transaction from start to finish every time I buy.

Stop the frustration of your unwanted property. Sell it your local home investor this week, regardless of condition.

It’s important to me that the Orlando homeowners I work with have a great experience with us.

If your agent is having trouble getting your home sold, just sell it to DC Capital Group USA. Sometimes selling a house through a real estate agent can be the wrong choice.  We buy houses from homeowners who have decided to not use a Realtor, but rather want to get offers directly from investors.

A few more reasons to sell to trusted DC Capital Group USA in Orlando

  • You don’t need to do any more work to the house, nor do you need to clean it out
  • You can stop wasting interviewing agents to find one that will grantee that he/she can get it sold quickly for you.
  • You won’t need to sign a contract that binds you to an agent for months.
  • You won't need to deal with putting together the purchase contract along with handling the entire closing process.

That’s how real estate investors differ from a traditional home buyer.  (Go here to learn about our home buying process →) HOW WE BUY HOUSES 

In short…

No matter what condition your house is in; no matter what situation or time frame you’re facing…I  can buy the house, because I am a fully funded home investor in Orlando.


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